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26650 The Old Road
Valencia, CA, 91381
United States


Our Clients



Clients looking for prudent long-term growth of their capital.


Our clients define success as buying businesses with sound economics, run by honest and capable management, purchased at reasonable prices.  They are interested in stock quotes only if they are looking to buy a business or if they need to liquidate a portion of their long-term holdings for short term needs.  They do not obsess about quarterly earnings and returns.  They focus on things that matter in this life, and refuse to let finances define their mood or emotions.

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Our clients are not overly excited by big run-ups and are not overly grieved by big downturns.  They recognize that markets have incurable mood swings and find these extremes as moments of opportunity.  They are calm and patient, finding comfort in adhering to timeless disciplines.  They trust in a good process because they know operations with good processes will produce satisfactory long term outcomes.