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26650 The Old Road
Valencia, CA, 91381
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Our Fees


At Criterion we have two different fee options available. We have both a traditional asset based fee and a performance based fee.  The reason for introducing a performance based fee to our clients is simple.  Aligning our client’s success and the fee we collect seems intuitive.  You are hiring a money manager to prudently grow your wealth over time.  We are offering a fee schedule that is accountable to the success of our service.  Seems fair.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our unique performance based fee schedule. *

*Performance based fee schedule is only available to qualified clients. To be eligible for the Performance-Based Management Fee, client must be a qualified client, as defined by the Securities & Exchange Commission, which as of the date of this publication means: (i) A natural person who, or a company that, immediately after entering into an advisory contract has at least $1,000,000 under the management of the investment adviser; or (ii) A natural person who, or a company that, the investment adviser reasonably believes prior to entering into the contract, either has a net worth of more than $2,100,000, exclusive of primary residence and net of any debt secured by Client’s residence taken out in the last 60 days except for purchase of the residence.