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26650 The Old Road
Valencia, CA, 91381
United States


Why We're Different


At Criterion, we are committed to removing the “smoke and mirrors” that has hijacked our profession.  Our passion is to see our clients become successful investors. We take great care in keeping and building the trust that grants us the privilege of investing your money.  Our commitment to our clients is threefold:


1.    We are committed to serving our clients

Our passion and mission is to help our clients become successful investors.  We want to serve people and allow them to experience the benefits that investing has to offer.  Our goal is to help people understand that there really is a better way to invest based on rational, repeatable, proven principles.

Our desire is that, ten years from now, our clients can look back with exceptional gratitude for this relationship, finding themselves to be better investors and having a more keen business mind.


2.    We are committed to speaking plainly with our clients

So much of the financial industry is cloaked with complexity that has afforded outrageous fees.  Common sense principles have been shrouded by complicated language designed to confuse, rather than help investors.

Criterion is built and exists to reverse these influences, build trust with our clients, and reduce complexity into simple principles.  We are committed to speaking candidly about problems we can fix and those we can’t.  Through our commitment to put our clients before ourselves, we have decided to replace marketing with education. Education looks at both sides, weighs them fairly, and makes an informed decision. Marketing stresses the benefits, dismisses the costs, and preys on emotions such as fear and greed.


3.    We are committed to educating our clients

A client who defines success correctly, has the right mindset, and recognizes that he can be his own worst enemy, has a solid chance of being successful.  The reality is that many investors go in with the right mind-set but are pressured by the news, investing publications, and even their peers to think very short-term.  There is no downplaying the constancy and potency of these influences.

We believe that the best defense against this type of thinking is an advisor committed to educating their clients and a client committed to receiving this education. Our education is two-fold:  first it reinforces timeless and trust worthy principles.  Second, the education reminds clients of the wonderful businesses they own and the prices they own them at.

 “The worst thing you can do is invest in companies you know nothing about.  Unfortunately, buying stocks on ignorance is still a popular American pastime.” – Peter Lynch