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26650 The Old Road
Valencia, CA, 91381
United States


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Robert A. Gravette  



I was 9 years old when my grandfather purchased $100 of shares for me in the Fidelity Puritan Fund managed by Peter Lynch.  Each day I would come home and open the paper to the financial section to see if my shares had increased or decreased and would chart out the performance on a handmade chart.  I couldn’t wait until my grandfather came over so I could show him the chart. He would put on his horn rimmed glasses and review my charts and say…”you can either work for money or your money can work for you!”

Having gone through the Great Depression, my grandfather wanted to teach me the importance of saving money and managing it well. Both he and my father taught me the importance of working hard, serving others, and doing the right thing in all circumstances; their lives exemplified these things.  Their influence at that early age made an impression on me that’s lasted for a lifetime. My fascination with the stock market continued on throughout high school and into college where I became known as the resident stock broker.  I got my broker’s license my senior year in college and decided I wanted to be a stock broker.

Soon out of college I got a job at a major brokerage firm and set out to teach the world how to make money in the stock market and manage their finances well.

It wasn’t long until I became increasingly frustrated and disillusioned with the traditional Wall Street model.  The demands of selling product became evident and always being asked the question, “What have you done for me lately?” caused me to reevaluate the trajectory of my career.  I knew I needed to make a change.

Within two years, I became independent and started a wealth management firm with the sole purpose of helping people with the challenges of financial stewardship and investing.  It’s hard to believe it’s been over 26 years since I started in this industry and I can’t believe I get to do what I really enjoy doing.



Spending time with my awesome family, exercising, working in my garage hoping to one day finish my 1932 Ford restoration and, on occasion, watching ESPN Sports Center.